Malden First Southern Baptist Church LIVE Sunday 10:30am

2020 Local Election Results 8-4-20


The Sports Roundtable 3-7-20

This Sports Roundtable features Basketball District & State Tournaments recap including highlights of the Cooter-Delta & Bernie-Thayer broadcasts, post-game interview with Delta Coach Chris Hahn, Class 4 & 5 district recaps & previews of State Quarterfinal matchups including our Delta-Dora broadcast!

The Sports Roundtable 2-29-20

This Sports Roundtable features District Tournaments Recap including highlights of the Hayti-Bernie & Clarkton-Cooter championship broadcasts, discussion with Bernie Basketball Coach Jason Long & preview of state tournament matchups!



12:00 YHC News
1:00 Malden First Southern Baptist Church
2:00 Let’s Go to the Movies –
The Bold Caballero
4:00 Dexter Church of Christ
4:30 Nolan Ryan’s Fastball
5:30 YHC News
6:00 The New Adventures of Heidi
8:00 Outdoors in the Delta
8:30 David Craig Ministries
9:30 YHC News
10:00 The Magic Sword
11:30 Outdoors in the Delta
12:00 YHC News
12:30 Let’s Go to the Movies –
The Bold Caballero