Dunklin County Farm Bureau Candidates Forum 10-4-16

Dunklin County Farm Bureau held a candidate forum in Kennett featuring state representative candidates Lena Samford and Andrew McDaniel, County Commission candidates Greg Gibson, Patrick McHaney, Ron Huber and Jeanie Herbst, and Public Administrator candidates Matt Jackson and John Edmonston.


9:00 Stoddard County Candidates Forum
10:00 Kansas City Confidential
12:00 YHC News
1:00 JFK Documentary
3:00 Kansas Pacific
5:00 The Beverly Hillbillies
5:30 YHC News
6:00 Outdoors In the Delta
7:00 In Search Of America
9:00 The Andy Griffith Show
9:30 YHC News
10:00 Let’s Go To The Movies
-Something Is Out There
12:00 YHC News
1:00 Stoddard County Candidates Forum

Football Broadcast Schedule

10/28  Hoxie @ Piggott
11/3    Corning @ Piggott